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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023

As our best Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023 message, let's highlight that with our Marketing and Manufacturing model based on the Integration Coefficient IC, our Customers get Peace and Tranquility without altering the manufacturing costs of the final solutions offered and with a high Differentiation versus the competition for the very attractive benefits and experiences provided to consumers.

Our organization, based on the results obtained from the analysis of the client, the market and the supply chain, has developed several UNIQUE and DISRUPTIVE SOLUTIONS that we hope you will enjoy fully during the next years. These are our best wishes.

Our idea is not just to act as suppliers trying to "sell" similar products, perhaps at better prices and competing in the market, but without adding value. Quite the opposite. We apply the great accumulated experience of our organization, together with that of the international suppliers that we have cultivated for more than 30 years, to integrate several of them into a unique project and without neglecting the main actor: The End Client.

The Integration Coefficient IC is a way of adding value that allows the creation of an Integrated Supply Chain that translates into a significant reduction in costs at the end consumer level and totally adapted to the needs of the client and the market of a disruptive nature, to create awareness towards sustainability, integration and innovation in the supply chain and to share experiences based in feelings and emotions. All of above associated with the products or integrated solutions that are acquired by the consumers. All this is achieved with a Unified Guarantee. Thus, the logistics processes turn out to be very simple when it comes to complying with the guarantees, both locally and internationally.

It is a very difficult process for the competition to imitate, in the short and medium term, which gives us a great differentiation advantage, backed by the group's extensive experience and its international contacts in "OEM and ODM" agreements, as well as such as the use of products widely recognized as innovative, with state-of-the-art technology, of the highest quality, fully approved and certified internationally.

All of the above allows us to offer business proposals that manage to transform the current relationship between suppliers and customers, where the latter is the one with the least power in the supply chain; in a synergy between the marketing channels and the end customer, with a win-win orientation, thus creating a more expeditious path towards environmental sustainability.

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