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Factories Integration for best solutions

Our organization bases the proposal of its solutions on the results obtained from the analysis of the client, the market and the supply chain.

Therefore, the idea was not just to act as suppliers trying to "sell" similar products, perhaps at better prices and competing in the market, but without adding value. Quite the opposite. We apply the great accumulated experience of our organization, together with that of the international suppliers that we have cultivated for more than 30 years, to integrate several of them into a unique project and without neglecting the main actor: The End Client

Our Solution with Value

So, when you ask us again what is the basis of our solution proposal, we can answer without hesitation: The Integration Coefficient IC. This consists of a way of adding value, which has costs, but fortunately, these are totally transparent to the consumer, since it allows the creation of an Integrated Supply Chain that translates into a significant reduction in costs at the end consumer level.

It proposes an innovative marketing scheme that minimizes transportation costs; less fuel, more ecological, and is capable of generating particular solutions, according to each project separately, and totally adapted to the needs of the client and the market. Then, with a Mix of digital communication, of a disruptive nature, to send messages to create awareness towards sustainability, to promote concepts of integration and innovation in the supply chain and to share experiences based in feelings and emotions. All of above associated with the products or integrated solutions that are acquired by the consumers.

And furthermore, all this is achieved with a Unified Guarantee, since the product or solution is generally pre-assembled and fully tested from the factory integration unit in Asia, which works as a whole. Thus, the logistics processes turn out to be very simple when it comes to complying with the guarantees, both locally and internationally.

It is a very difficult process for the competition to imitate, in the short and medium term, which gives us a great differentiation advantage, backed by the group's extensive experience and its international contacts in "OEM and ODM" manufacturing agreements, as well as such as the use of products widely recognized as innovative, with state-of-the-art technology, of the highest quality, fully approved and certified internationally.

All of the above allows us to offer business proposals that manage to transform the current relationship between suppliers and customers, where the latter is the one with the least power in the supply chain; in a synergy between the marketing channels and the end customer, with a win-win orientation, thus creating a more expeditious path towards environmental sustainability.

In short, the process that has been designed to add Value never concludes. It is an endless cycle. The information obtained from the market generates the need for an innovative solution, as well as the determination of the best target segment in the supply chain. Then the factories all agree to integrate with each other, to generate solutions with all the necessary advantages, and us, as integration leaders, and using the communications mix, activate the supply chain for the prompt acquisition of said solutions. In this way, the client ends up satisfied by the high savings with less loss of time and by obtaining a high and fast ROI. In parallel, the Mix, as the control center of the cycle, collects and promotes these feelings and emotions of a successful nature to generate more sales or commercial interactions in the supply chain, and also feeds back to itself through an exhaustive analysis of possible discrepancies or with the references and/or positive experiences obtained. With this, subsequent marketing actions and any other manufacturing details that may be necessary are adjusted. All this in order to increase the levels of consumer satisfaction.

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Always adding Value to Customers


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Marketing Analysis of the Solar On Grid for Homeowners business in Europe

May 2021

This study was based on finding out what opportunities existed and the needs detected regarding the energy saving business of Solar On Grid and Hybrid kits for homeowners. For this, we have been delving into what is happening in world markets, to "adjust" our solutions to customer needs. As an example, some of the results obtained are outlined, showing what we have found, in general, and for both the European and American markets and with that analysis a business plan for those regions was produced.

Solar Kits Marketing Analysis

Solar On Grid and Off Grid Kits Design, Sales and Factories Manufacturing Integration

July 2015

The main design considerations for these kind of solar kits: Easy to buy, affordable prices, easy to handle. Appealing for end consumers. Easy end user installation instruction (Do It Yourself oriented). Easily identified as a Kit: All you may need in the same package to save or produce energy. Flexible, easy to increase in power by standard procedures. Suitable for both, shingles or tiles roof so, universal kit for most homes.

Special Solar Off Grid/Hybrid Backup System for Handicappers

October 2017

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. We work hard to make sure our clients reach their goals by providing them with the guidance and tools to make strategic plans for the future. For this project, we helped our client define the ideal outcome for the situation, and through strategic planning we were able to achieve a great end result. The idea of this special Solar Off Grid system was that a handicapped customer could be able to run her “survival” loads for 24 hours every day, 12 hours when sun is available and 12 hours at nights when AC grid is not available. Also, in case of some rainy or clouded days that may not let batteries get fully charged, a diesel Generator is included to provide any AC extra power needed for the loads.

Factories Integration Map
Hybrid solar kit for Handicappers

Solar Farms Design and Provision Cooperation

From 2012 until Today

For Solar Farm designs the main aspect to be considered is to ensure that the EPC you choose should have expertise that covers all components of the above value chain. The EPC might not have all the skill sets in his core team, but should be able to show partnerships that have the capabilities the core team does not. We are able to work with the best EPCs in order to build a very reliable and maximum power production Solar Farm. 

Special Long Power Backup Time System for Automatic On Line Electoral Process

April 2009

It was a 50,000 sets business produced during 15 months for an international company that included the design of a customized high frequency Inverter-Charger able to backup computer point of vote machines for the total time of the election process in several countries. The project also included to find local battery suppliers able to provide batteries and logistics only for one day process.

Power Quality & Backup Redundancy for Critical Data Center

June 2001

Provision, Installation and Commissioning of a 100 kVA Power Backup System, with Isolated Redundancy using 3 UPS plus Surge Suppression, Isolation Transformers, Manual Transfer Switches, 20 years life battery banks backup, Monitoring Control Center, Central Air Conditioning with raised access floor. The project was needed to be done without turning off the computer center and always leaving it fully protected by the former backup system.

Our Organization as Solar EPC
Off Grid No Solar solution for electoral process
Power Quality projects
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