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Using our Integration Coefficient IC Marketing and Manufacturing model, as we have done during the creation of each solution proposed in this website, this time we took advantage of our Global Partnership Agreement with the prestigious Asian Bluetti brand manufacturer head quarters to jump into the fast growing new energy industry of In grid Solar Backup Solutions, by integrating their top of the line worldwide products with highly representative Asian factories for Tier 1 solar panels and roof solar racks mounting accessories, as well as portable solar panels, to offer an affordable, versatile and convenient "In Grid Solar Energy Kits" that our market research has found very useful and even mandatory to be marketed in countries with extreme blackouts problems and usually without net metering rules or solar energy saving culture.

2 Bluetti In grid inverters in parallel

What is an "In Grid" Hybrid Solar System?
Modern "In Grid" hybrid solar systems combine solar and battery storage, all in one. Due to the decrease in the cost of batteries as well as the increase in their useful life up to 15~20 years (LiFePO4), systems that are already connected to the electrical grid can also begin to take advantage of battery storage. This means being able to store the solar energy that is generated during the day both to power AC loads as well as store it for use at night.

When stored power runs out, the grid is there as a backup, allowing consumers to have the best of both worlds. Bluetti EP-500Pro through its technology that allows connecting up to 2400 Wp of solar panels, manages to support its most critical loads for very long times (days) unlike conventional hybrid systems that allow fewer solar panels as a source of supply. That's why Bluetti is here.

Introducing the EP-500Pro series power plant as a key part of this innovative "In Grid" Hybrid Solar Kit. It can save you money and protect the environment. Can it only be used during power outages? Of course not! Adding rooftop solar panels or portable solar panels can help offset some of your home's energy use. Not only can you save on your electricity bills, but you can feel good about making a contribution to the environment by harnessing free, clean solar energy.

Solar In Grid Kit installation diagram
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The main components of the Kits are shipped in two separated types of packages:

The first set of carton box or boxes (1, 2, 3 or 4 boxes according to the power model needed) contains

all Inverters, Combiners and/or Solar Charger Controllers together to the Solar Panels set and the

Solar Mounting Accessories set. The other package (an extra pallet) contains

the batteries and the metal battery cabinets that are sent dis-assembled to save space.

Bluetti In Grid inverter advantages

Power outages can happen to anyone, at any time, and can last for days. Small portable battery backup systems are mostly useless at such times as they are not compatible with high power appliances so your backup time will be greatly reduced. To ensure you have power for days you need a higher capacity battery bank. And something else...

Bluetti EP-500 Pro features 5100Wh of LiFePO4 battery storage, 3000W pure sine wave inverter capable of providing all the power needed to keep your most critical or essential electrical and electronic devices running with UPS backup protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week against power outages, "plug & play" ease of use, an app for remote control from your mobile phone and more than 6000 cycles of deep battery discharge (up to 80% of its maximum capacity). So we can offer peace of mind and control while your neighbors could panic due to prolonged absences of electricity and deterioration or absence of food.

Bluetti In Grid Solar system home applications

Designed as a flexible power station to meet various scenarios, the EP-500 Pro series has different uses, because it is meant to be portable and mobile, not something attached to the wall or garage. The EP-500 Pro Series is a "no installation required" plug & play product that can be easily moved to a desired location when needed.

Bluetti solar system charging options

Flexible recharging way to keep it always on.
The EP-500 Pro series can charge its internal lithium batteries with a variety of power sources, including AC charging, solar panels, from cars, etc. In this way, you can access the most convenient power sources when you need them, and then increase the availability of backup time, even up to several days, when you use your home AC loads in intelligent ways, for example, with economical timers very easily accessible in the market.

Multiple DC Power options

Multiple DC power outlets provide unmatched options.
Single-application energy storage systems like the Tesla Powerwall are a thing of the past. The EP-500 Pro offers a wide range of DC power options. This class-leading power station gives you the power to run your entire party, family camping trip, cabin workshops, or even your entire home for several days in the event of an unexpected power outage. In addition to its AC outlets, multiple DC output options allow you to power any electronic device. These outputs are shown above.

Bluetti flexible UPS mode

Flexible UPS mode.
In the event of a power outage, the UPS function comes in handy. When the EP-500 Pro Series detects a power outage, it automatically starts up, allowing a computer or any of the household loads highly sensitive to electrical disturbances and/or interruptions to continue operating without incident.

By having a sub-panel box installed, by a qualified licensed electrician, you will be able to create a dedicated circuit to connect your EP-500 Pro to the home's main distribution panel. Power everything you might consider a critical load, from lights in high-use rooms, refrigerators, TVs, and computers to medical devices, air conditioners, fans, and more...

Choosing critical loads to backup

"Split Phase Bonding Box” function (optional).
As an emergency power storage source for the whole family, Bluetti has a great option for doubling your AC power output and storage capacity. For higher power loads, Bluetti has released its own "BLUETTI Split Phase Box" (only for 120V equipment in America). Users can connect two EP-500 Pro in tandem to double the rated power output (up to 6000W) and double the storage capacity (up to 10800Wh) with this innovative accessory.
“Split Phase Box” also offers 220V/240V AC output options to power appliances at these voltages. The high power output means you can now run your home air conditioner, clothes dryer, electric wall heater, shop machines and other high powered appliances with ease. You no longer have to worry about power outages on hot summer nights or bitter cold winters.

Bluetti SPLIT phase BOX
SPLIT phase BOX description

Smart touch screen Display.
Most of the competing power plants never paid enough attention to the human-machine interface. The EP-500 Pro series comes with an intelligent touch screen that simplifies the workflow of your daily projects, allowing you to manage your most used tasks directly from the touch screen.

Bluettti touch screen display

Bluetti APP. Control of your Energy in the palm of your hand.
Monitor, control, and optimize your power usage from anywhere with the BLUETTI App, which offers remote power on/off, real-time power consumption notifications, and charging profiles to maximize battery life. Also, you can enjoy the latest firmware update via Wi-Fi directly.

Bluetti Control App

EP-500 PRO Technical Specifications

Technical specifications Bluetti inverter models


kit package, solar panels and racks for roof mounting
  • 2 solar panels from world-renowned brands. The most prestigious solar panel, brands (Tier 1) in the USA and Europe. Mono-crystalline solar photovoltaic module between 500 and 550W, ETL, TUV, CE listed, UL 1703 standard, maximum efficiency, 25~30 years of useful life.

  • Solar mounting accessories kit for tile, metal and/or asphalt (shingles) roofs. There is one set of racks for every 2 pieces of solar photovoltaic module. There is also the option for mounting on a flat cement ceiling.

Racks for roof and flat cement floor options


MOQ Bluetti in grid kits orders


In Grid solar kit with portable solar panels

In addition to the option of fixed solar panels on the roof or on a flat concrete floor, the EP-500 Pro can be connected to portable solar panels with high efficiency monocrystalline cells when required. Although smaller in power than fixed panels, these models maximize the energy output of the solar system by reducing mismatch losses. In addition, the solar panel folds perfectly, constituting a lower weight unit and therefore very easy to transport with the help of a handle for this purpose, adding a zippered pocket to hold the cables. At the rear are adjustable brackets that allow the panels to be tilted towards the sun in a variety of positions for maximum energy absorption. Below are the available models as well as the type of connection diagram.

Portable solar panels models availabilityjpg
Conexions portable solar panels
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