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Our organization, with all the information collected from market studies we have done worldwide, proposes an innovative solution that is summarized by what we have called as INTEGRATED SUPPLY CHAIN. This translates into a very significant percentage decrease in the acquisition costs of end customers, through an innovative use of digital ecosystems, and taking advantage of both, globalization and our accumulated experience in marketing and manufacturing. This is very useful in order to provide an approach, a natural bridge, with MAXIMUM SYNERGY with the market, between these international suppliers and local end customers. TOTAL SATISFACTION AND FULL POWER FOR CUSTOMERS INTO THE SUPPLY CHAIN.
That is why there is so much insistence that the solution requires INNOVATION and SERVICE DIFFERENTIATION and all the improvements are based on the new INTEGRATION COEFFICIENT "IC". Everything seems to indicate, and it is better not to tire of repeating it, that any end customer through their local distributor, installer or project company of trust, under this "simple" scheme of INTEGRATED SUPPLY CHAIN, will have full access to the best prices and quality from well-known international factories and COULD BE UNABLE TO REJECT AN OFFER OF ANY SOLAR, LED, POWER QUALITY OR ELECTRICAL BACKUP PACKAGE SOLUTIONS FOR THEM WITH SAVINGS OF UP TO 60% compared to the current and cumbersome supply chain. And also, with HIGHLY RELIABLE PRODUCTS at an international level and with a UNIFIED GUARANTEE of the complete system.

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