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Sustainability as main goal

The beauty of this project lies in the harmony that the original idea of a better and greener world has generated in the minds of professionals representing the energy field in various regions at an international level.
This harmony has allowed a natural synergy between the members of the team that one by one have been added spontaneously and freely to the promotion of our original idea that allows us to be seen as international consultants to find solutions to projects that need multiple factories to cover the real and unique need of the client or market that is requesting it. Please feel free to contact any of them at local level with thanks.

Jaime Ventura picture

Jaime Ventura

Project Leader, USA

WhatsApp: +1 7474009687


Solid knowledge in electricity as electronic engineer graduated in 1985, broad experience in marketing and manufacturing procedures throughout all his career, as well as an MBA in Spain completed in 2021, provide with a magnificent combination of marketing and engineering skills that is very difficult to find in a single person.
More than 30 years working on the configuration of the strictest OEM-ODM contracts with more than 200 highly recognized manufacturing centers in Asia and internationally, in the aforementioned areas of experience, which allows
him to offer the most technologically updated solutions and services.
His most recent achievement was the creation of a business model that unites Manufacturing, Marketing and Logistics called Integration Coefficient IC (part of the final project of his Master's Degree) taking advantage of his fruitful experience in projects with supply chain systems that add value, and which result in a highly significant percentage reduction in the acquisition costs of end customers, through innovative use of digital ecosystems and taking advantage of both globalization and his accumulated experience, having already applied this factory integration methodology for the supply of solutions in other projects carried out in various international markets.
In summary, as an Independent International Consultant, he guarantee excellent results, with a very high benefit/cost ratio for clients and collaborators, these being the most representative areas of his professional career:
= Integration Coefficient IC to achieve efficient supply chains thru:
   - Total Quality in Manufacturing.
   - Multi-integration of factories.
   - OEM/ODM agreements.
   - Unified Guarantees
   - Digital ecosystems
   - Improvements in manufacturing processes.
   - Search for critical components.
   - Leadership and team development.
   - International logistics and shipping.
   - Product management, marketing plans.
   - Project feasibility studies and international account management.
= Energy Savings in Solar.
= LED lighting.
= Power Quality.
= Electric Backup.

Domenico Rizzo picture

Domenico Rizzo

Local Liaison and Consultant, Italy

WhatsApp: +39 348 798-3794


Experienced professional who combines deep technical training in Telecom and Solar with managerial experience. Skilled in working under pressure, in challenging and competitive environments. Able to identify, make corrections and make decisions in the face of problems. Responsible and adaptable person, rapid absorption of new technologies. Association and teamwork. Motivation to achievement. Knowledge in business administration, budget and finance, management of operations, marketing, human talent management, strategic planning, management of ICT projects.

Now joined to this ambitious project to coordinate, as energy consultant, all kind of activities towards a better and greener world in Italy region. And at the same time he acts as a chief coordinator of all Europe activities.

Luigi Dagostino picture

Luigi D' Agostino

Local Liaison and Consultant, South America, Spain

WhatsApp: +34 643 942-426


Our team could not lack a professional with incredible technical skills and nearly 30 years of experience in power quality equipment installations and support in both turnkey projects as well as retail sales and distribution.
All this achieved after having accumulated connections with the most renowned brands in this area through intensive repair training, service contracts and installations with the companies that promote them.
“About 6 years ago”, he says, “through Jaime Ventura Energy Consultant I learned about the world of solar and LED lighting, and when I was able to fully understand the fantastic scope of his project at an international level, I did not hesitate to join my knowledge, contacts and extensive experience to this select group with whom I agreed to take charge of the coordination of solar projects and Energy Quality in Spain, a task that I intend to promote with dedication and dedication to cooperate with a better and ecologically sustainable world for all”.
For a project that aims to shorten the multiple marketing steps typical of current supply chains that cause onerous prices to end customers, we are totally pleased to have the right personnel for these purposes and who better than a stronghold in the technical world of electrical installations to help our local distribution chain to achieve it?

Consultancy with Experience
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