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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Prominence Bias

Communication between neurons is called neurotransmission. During this process, neurons release molecules called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters carry a message with them and travel to other neurons. There are eight major neurotransmitters, with DOPAMINE being one of them.

Dopamine carries the nickname “pleasure neurotransmitter” and is involved in stuff that makes us feel good. More specific, goal achievement and motivation are related to this neurotransmitter. Several studies suggest that dopamine is the key to learning and memory. Dopamine is an essential element for the memory of information. In fact, messages that contain an emotional charge last longer.

What excites us will remain longer in our memory. On the other hand, when we learn something that gives us satisfaction, dopamine activates the hippocampus and we retain the information for longer.

Dopamine has a "slogan" which is "I want more" making brain responds to the new, the interesting, which allows it to escape from the boring. Human beings move by the Prominence Bias. This describes our tendency to focus on information that seems new to us, while ignoring those that do not attract our attention.

Things have prominence when they are important to you, if they have the potential to affect your well-being and if they have the potential to affect your future. In other words, the prominence bias triggers dopamine telling you: “Wake up. Pay attention. Thrill. This is important". Our marketing and manufacturing concept: Integration Coefficient IC, Unified Guarantee, Maximum ROI, Integrated Supply Chain, among others, have shown that they have prominence as disruptive concepts that keep Dopamine soaring in the minds of our consumers and making them the main spokespersons for their experiences of satisfaction after using the solutions we promote.

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