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Our Solution with Value: Integration Coefficient IC
Customers get Peace, Tranquility when getting our solutions,
Marketing and manufacturing disruptive model



Making customers get Peace, Tranquility, great savings and Unified Guarantee, without altering the manufacturing costs of the final Solutions, with a high differentiation versus the competition for the very attractive benefits and experiences provided to consumers.

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Our organization, based on the results obtained from the analysis of the client, the market and the supply chain, as explained in depth in the section "OUR VALUE OFFER", has developed several UNIQUE AND DISRUPTIVE SOLUTIONS in the following areas:


On Grid 1 kW Solar Kits packaged for Retail, Installers, Builders

In Grid Solar Energy Kits 

Hybrid Solar Kits, Single and 3phase

Solar Farms and Plants

Off Grid Solar Plants for Datacenters

OEM Battery Projects

Rectifiers and Converters Projects

Power Quality and AC Energy Backup Projects


All In One Solar LED lamps Real Specifications

LED Lighting for In-Outdoor Projects Applications

Surge, Voltage and Backup Protection for Appliances and Office Home Loads


All of them are summarized in the list shown below. For more complete information on each of the solutions, please scroll down and click on each of the pics; also you can click using the main menu list or you can click on the list showed above. Thank you so much.

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