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High Bay led lamps for covered sport campus


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There are too many Asian factories of LED Lamps (and also internationally) of different technologies, and customers, due to globalization, are now able to access them directly to locate the products that best suit their markets. However, when it comes to important companies at a regional level that are capable of locally marketing multiple LED Lamps technologies according to certain applications, then the process of reaching agreements with international factories that allow better prices, with the best technology, with the best testing protocols, with the best delivery capacity, with the greatest ease of OEM/ODM agreements and with the best companies for shipping logistics for a more adequate and safe export, it becomes very uphill. And our high-volume LED manufacturing and marketing processes, using our innovative model based on the Integration Coefficient IC, are focused on solving these problems, and our experience in Logistics, Marketing and relationships with the best suppliers, have led us to find that the following problems are the main ones:

1.- Each factory tends to be independent and extremely jealous of its internal processes and prices and they are not at all given to cooperate with each other. It is difficult for a local buyer to imagine what usually happens when it comes to two or more Asian manufacturers communicating or trying to cooperate with each other. The tug of war is tremendous and the probability of mistakes increases exponentially.

Conflicts Resolution power
Better prices when integrating technologies and factories

2.- At the same time, the factories are very strict in granting the best prices, always looking for the highest volume of sales (containers) to provide the maximum discounts.

3.- On the other hand, factories tend to be specialized in certain products and/or technologies and then, it is extremely difficult to find one factory with all types of LED lamps with the best marketing, delivery and quality conditions.

Manufacturers technology focus
Private brand availability

4.- Also we have found the very hard to handle processes that comes with the part of managing private labels: permits for their use, arts for printing labels or/and individual packaging, design of catalogs and user manuals adapted to each local client, pallet identification labels, packing lists, management of guarantees according to technology among others.

5.- And then, the logistics processes become cumbersome: In order to take advantage of the possibility of buying a container (volume), let’s say, for example, from three different factories, the agents of the regional clients would have no choice but to handle the container as consolidated cargo since there will be three manufacturers, each one waiting for their "tax refund", which originates three different Bill of Landing (BL), and even if a container is filled with the help of the local agent at destination, the cost of it will be calculated as consolidated cargo (more expensive) and additional charges will be generated for de-consolidation at the destination sea-port, and, of course, the prices will not be the best, since the purchase orders for each supplier will be less than the MOQ of, at least, one container. Also, there will be more problems when you want to change each original BL by sub-BL's due to the convenience of, for example, shipper changes. And not to mention getting the Certificates of Origin, three, one from each supplier and, for example, in case off adding Solar LED lamps that use LiFePO4 batteries, you will also need to handle “dangerous goods certifications for shipping”. With Jaime Ventura Energy Consultant team, you get a single supplier and avoid consolidated cargo costs. Our agents in China are already used to this type of processes and then the possibility of errors is minimal with respect to BL's and CO's and even more so for booking documentation and extra shipping management for dangerous cargoes that have been increasingly being demanded for equipment that include batteries.

New logistic meaning

Advantages of LED Lighting

LED vs HID lighting

Our main Goal is to cooperate for a better World bringing innovative technology to save energy using LED lighting in-outdoor products for most possible applications. For that purpose we are able to group or integrate several factories for specific client's projects or for any particular market solution or needs that involve the combination and interconnection of cutting-edge technologies from different manufacturers, making them work together and in unison, offering to the end customer a complete solution, with a unified guarantee and under our full guidance and leadership.

LED Lighting offers a plethora of benefits over conventional lights. Thus, the traditional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are being replaced by LED lights. 

LED lighting is highly energy efficient:
The primary advantage of LED lighting is its energy efficiency. LED lights produce the same amount of light quality and light output as traditional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs but consume only a fraction of the power. Statistically speaking, LED lighting consumes 18% electricity compared to conventional fluorescent lamps and up to 85% less lighting when compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs. Thus, offering massive energy savings. A significant fraction of electricity worldwide is used in the production of lighting. Adopting LED lighting not only consumes less energy and saves electricity but also brings down the electricity cost by a fraction.

LED lights generate less heat:
Incandescent bulbs are extremely hot to touch due to the absence of a thermal management mechanism. The LED lighting fixtures make use of heat sinking and thermal management mechanisms, which effectively dissipate heat into the surroundings. Thus, preventing the LED light fixture from heating up and causing high temperatures in the surroundings.It also means that LED light bulbs can be used in situations where temperature sensitivity is an issue. Therefore, an LED bulb can be used in conjunction with heating and air conditioning systems. Less heat generation also saves the light fittings and surroundings from deterioration due to heat.

LEDs offer cost-effective lighting solutions:
One of the primary advantages of switching to LED lights is the massive cost saving on the electricity bill. Most individuals believe that LED lighting solutions are expensive due to the high initial cost. The truth is, the lower power consumption and maintenance cost offset the high setup cost. In the long run, LED lights to save money as they lower the electricity bill, require less maintenance, and can be used for years on end. Thus, LED lighting has a multiprong approach to saving money. First and foremost, energy efficiency will serve to reduce the running cost. It is because the cost will be saved on the average electricity bill due to lower energy consumption per lamp. Secondly, there will be no additional maintenance runs and no need to pay the electrician for frequent visits either so you save a great deal of money on maintenance. You can also save money on the replacement as you will be purchasing lesser LED lamps and LED lights over the course of years.

LED lights have an instantaneous action:
LED has an instantaneous mode of action. The LED bulbs and fixtures do not require a warm-up period leading to a delay in light production like conventional fluorescent tubes. On the contrary, LED bulbs switch on and off in a matter of nanoseconds without a lag. They are also free from flicker, which inadvertently further increases their appeal.

LED requires less maintenance:
Since the LED lights do not require frequent replacements, there is less worry about keeping up with the maintenance. It inadvertently aids in bringing down the time, effort, and money required to keep up the maintenance. This feature further paves the way for LEDs to be used in rather inaccessible and remote locations.

LEDs have a longer service life:
LED bulbs have a long life. Although the LED performance largely depends on usage, the average LED offers 35,000 and 80,000 operational hours.Thus, it essentially means that the LED lamp, bulbs, and fixtures last for several years before the light tends to become dim and replacement is required. It only means that this light bulb lasts several times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Improved Environmental Performance:
It is becoming increasingly important for companies to become eco-friendly. Customers increasingly want environmentally friendly options and using an environmentally friendly light source can help companies reduce their energy use, as well as attract a socially conscious consumer base. 
The environmental benefits of LED lighting also extend to their manufacturing process. Many traditional lighting sources, like fluorescent lighting and mercury vapor lights, use mercury internally as part of their construction. Because of this, when they reach the end of their lifespans, they require special handling. You do not have to worry about any of these issues with LED lights.

LEDs are a very durable and reliable form of lighting, they can operate safely in colder temperatures, and can withstand more impact and vibration than other light bulbs because they have no filaments or other fragile parts. This stability makes them ideal for use in areas that will be subject to temperature fluctuations, inclement weather, and jostling, such as outdoors or in ceiling fan fixtures. On the other hands, this feature lets LED to be used in multiple outdoor applications.

Exceptional colour range:
Incandescent bulbs require gels or filters to create different colours and shades of light. On the other hand, LEDs offer a wide range of colours and colour temperatures without the use of gels or filters, which can burn out or fade over time. With LEDs, it is the actual diode (or its phosphorus coating) that is changed to alter the colour of the emitted light, so you can trust that it will stay the same shade until the end of its lifespan.

LED lights allow greater control:
Unlike most conventional lighting technologies, LED lights allow greater control over the light output. It means that one can adjust the brightness and light output of LED light bulbs. However, no such thing can be done in the case of conventional fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. So, whether you want full brightness or a little less, it is all adjustable with the incorporation of dimming technology with LED lamps.

LED lighting is safer:
The LED light bulbs enhance the safety factor by multi-folds. There are several reasons why LED bulbs are safer. Primarily, the LED bulbs do not contain any hazardous substances such as mercury which may lead to severe complications if ingested, inhaled, or even touched.
The LED bulb is also rugged, making it less prone to accidents and thus perfect for use in multiple outdoor applications.
Along with that, LED lamps and fixtures generate less heat which also tends to enhance the safety factor by reducing the chance of occurrence of any unpleasant accidents. Overall, LED light fixtures are incredibly safe to use.

Lumen Maintenance curves per technology
LED green technology
LED reliability
LED lighting temperature color
LED dimming properties
Heat vs light emission for different lighting technologies
Lumen per watt for different lighting technologies
Lighting cost per technology
LED safety

Main LED In-Outdoor Application Projects


Typically, street lights use highly inefficient HID lamps that drain the grid of electricity and cost untold millions of dollars a year to power and maintain. Obviously street lights are needed for the safety of travelers at night, but why does so much money need to be wasted by powering these inefficient old standards of lighting? Instead, high performance, energy efficient LED lights should replace energy hogging HID street lights and become the new street lighting standard. 

LED street lights


Patent traditional square shoebox shape, popular style with a whole series and full range from 24W to 600W CCT / Power selectable for less inventory and SKUs. The driver compartment is isolated from the light heat sink engine for better cooling. Optional photocell and motion sensor. Availability light distribution lens Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V, also back light shield  and up 12 different kinds of mounts accessories are available.

LED Shoebox area lamps

They are in use in many areas such as warehouses, perimeters of houses, theaters, playgrounds and stadiums. Unlike traditional LED Flood Light which the heat sinker is on the back of the lamp, this new item uses special fin type heat sinker, making the lamp lighter and better in heat dissipation. The place for installing the LED driver is unique and put aside and away from the heat sinker making the LED driver be in a lower heat working environment, increasing the life span. Beauty of appearance plus reliability using great LED brands with more than 120 lumen/W as well as worldwide recognized Mean-Well LED drivers. 

LED Flood lights


Our Tunnel led lamp is an integrated lighting system that promotes safety and efficiency while easing operations and reducing costs. State-of-the-art LED lighting and simple control ensure a brightly lit road and easy management offering a range of different systems, services, and luminaires to meet varying types of tunnel requirements even minimizing diruption and optimizing maintenance with controls and monitoring and, at the same time, meeting the highest tunnel safety standards to improve driver safety, keeping traffic flowing with lighting that meets the new 2019 EU standards for guidance lighting and reducing accidents and tunnel closures while enhance visual perception with excellent color rendering, improve driver comfort with uniform white LED light and ensure safe passage with LED lighting that helps guide drivers.

LED tunnel lights


If you are a builder or a facility manager for a school or maintenance company, and you have been asked to replace old stadium lights for any sport fields, and you are thinking of converting to LED please Contact Us. There’s clear evidence that LED lighting in sports grounds helps to improve the players’ performance, fans’ experience, and game fairness. Here is how; LED lighting in sports stadiums require half the operating costs of normal outdoor lighting design. It is also important to note that once installed, LED lighting projects can last longer than all other forms of lighting, giving 50,000 or more hours of lighting. Given that the lights can be controlled with a central system, repairs and maintenance are done fast with no downtime for the stadium. Also, because of clear LED lighting, TV pictures display zero flashing, flicker, and other aberrations. Then again, remember that most sports revenue comes from TV and live stream. It is thus safe to say that in the sports world the only way to ensure profitability is to employ LED lighting in stadiums.

LED high mast stadium lamps


They are the most energy-efficient LED High Bay & Low Bay lights available giving you brighter-than-ever light at lower-than-ever wattages. Featuring luminous efficacy of up to 140 lumens/W. And most of the models are DLC (even Premiun DLC) and ETL Approved. UFO LED High Bay lights are perfect for large spaces that need to be lighted from one corner to the other on the cheapest budget with maximum efficiency. So, whether it be workshops, warehouses, indoor stadiums, or any other location: if you have a vast, industrious space you need to be lighted and breathed life in, the UFO High/Low Bay LED Lighting is the best option for you. 

LED High-Low Bay lamps


Wall pack lighting fixtures are a popular choice for commercial and industrial customers across the globe for many years, due to their low profile and high light output. These fixtures have traditionally used HID or high-pressure sodium lamps, due to their strong light output. However in recent years LED technology has progressed to the point where it is now dominant in this category of lighting, with far greater efficiency, service life and overall quality of light produced. This huge progression in technology has allowed users to save a considerable amount in operating and maintenance costs, as well as improve their workplace safety and reduce liability risks.

LED Wallpack lamps


Take a look at your gas station from the main roads around it after the sun has set. Does it look bright and inviting? Does your lighting draw the attention of passing motorists? Does it feel like a safe place to refuel? LED canopy lights can make it inviting and help your customers feel safer. This lighting offers a brighter light that is closer to natural daylight, which will make your gas station the one that passing motorists will trust. By making the switch to LED, you will draw the right attention with a bright and inviting gas station.

LED Canopy lamps


Electric Powered Industrial Equipment, used in areas containing explosive or flammable materials, must be designed to prevent any operation of the equipment from igniting the atmosphere. The design and construction of our LED lamps for those purposes permit their classification as Explosion Proof (EX) and enable their use in explosive and hazardous atmospheres. So, our explosion proof LED light is powered electrically and is designed to prevent the unit from causing explosions in hazardous environments. The unit can also be mounted to suit specific needs and to maximize light efficiency. Ideal for the oil or mining industries, chemical plants, and gas stations, and for any flammable or otherwise hazardous environments with the potential for explosions to occur. 

LED explosion proof lamps

Main LED In-Outdoor Application Videos

As another example of the way in which our professional value offer, meticulously carried out, is capable of generating innovative solutions, there is nothing better than showing you two videos related to In-Outdoor LED lamps, one of our several solutions offered. Our organization, with all the information collected from market studies we have done worldwide, proposes innovative solutions that are summarized by what we have called as an INTEGRATED SUPPLY CHAIN. This translates into a very significant percentage decrease in the acquisition costs of end customers, through an innovative use of digital ecosystems, and taking advantage of the globalization and our accumulated experience in marketing and manufacturing. This is very useful in order to provide an approach, a natural bridge, with MAXIMUM SYNERGY with the market, between these international suppliers and local end customers. TOTAL SATISFACTION AND FULL POWER FOR CUSTOMERS INTO THE SUPPLY CHAIN.

In the following video (part 1A) we will show and explain the first four more popular and demanded indoor or outdoor LED applications from different and representative Asian factories at an international level and with cutting-edge technologies. These are SHOE BOX, UFO and standard High-Low bay, Flood Projection and High Mast. For this, we are using information from some models that we have commonly provided in our business as a reference for each type of lamp, but due to the constant technological innovation that produces more sophisticated and updated equipment, we will always try to be at the forefront of the particular requirements of each project to provide the most suitable solution with the highest benefit vs. cost ratio.

Now is the turn of this second video (part 1B) with other three types of led lamps: UFO and standard High-Low bay, Flood Projection and High Mast. Other videos with more LED applications (Street Lights, Wall pack, High-Low bay pipe type, Explosion proof, canopy, tunnels among others) are coming soon. With our Integration Coefficient IC marketing and manufacturing model we can provide and suggest the most versatile and UL, cUL, CE, TUV certified LED lamps for any application.

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