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As a perfect example of the way in which our professional value offer is capable of generating innovative solutions, there is nothing better than showing you our On Grid 1 kW Solar Kits packaged for RETAIL, INSTALLERS, BUILDERS, one of our several solutions offered. This kit has been designed and marketed following our Integration Coefficient IC model, which supports, one hundred percent, the management and success of our organization in the area of energy saving and sustainability.

Most neighborhoods going solar
Integration Coefficient IC Logo
1 kW Solar On Grid kit retail package

To do this, first, we are showing a couple of videos (one in English and the other translated into Spanish) that aim to explain in depth how our team has handled the Marketing and Manufacturing Model of the Integration Coefficient IC, which is the basis of our value proposal, to help the development, not only of this On Grid Kit, but also applied, with some adjustments and in a general way, to the rest of the solutions offered by our organization. You can also watch both videos in our YouTube Channel.

Our second choice is to try to condense the information given on those videos by highlighting the main ideas of the Integration Coefficient "IC" value proposal.


Why is it that, being the sun's energy completely free, homeowners continue to deal with On Grid Solar installations with very high costs? We have developed our On Grid, 1kW Solar Kit DIY Oriented and we want, through this platform, to invite you to promote these Kits in large volume in your market.

Builder Solar On grid Project in Texas USA

  • Is your business innovative?

  • Is your company looking for solar solutions that will grow your market reputation?

  • Does your company want to add something unique to the solar solutions you are now offering?

  • Do you need your business may reach a significant increment of the number of homes in your region able to be  converted into solar homes?


As Our Value Offer based on the Integration Coefficient IC explains, we were delving into what is happening in world markets, to "adjust" our proposed solution to the client's needs. It is a very important step in our process of adding value. And, as a conclusion, we found that the Return on Investment in solar on grid systems for consumers becomes very long in time, destroying any concept of savings and making investment in solar energy difficult to justify, and therefore, not attractive at all.

Opportunities and Needs Detected in solar market

So, what is the profit expected by the customer? What is the solution? The client only wants to save on electrical bills from the beginning, and obtain the biggest return on investment in the shortest possible time, and much better if the regulatory environment helps him, lowering the fixed costs of electrical bills and maintaining subsidies, but seeking that the solution to be acquired be still attractive without depending on them, and of course, also without bureaucratic and absurd obstacles, which would constitute a highly desirable "plus".

Then, analyzing the current market supply chain, which is the second most important part of our value proposition methodology, we found that it turns out to be very complex, convoluted, with too many actors that provide little value and rather hinder the system by adding costs, and also disabling both, companies and consumers, to solve one of the most difficult obstacles that seems to have a common denominator in the minds of all the actors, this being the fact, quite paradigmatic, that "everyone agrees” in which the current options "are what they are" and "there is nothing to do", thus building an endless cycle of setbacks towards a sustainable world.

Current Solar inefficient supply chain

Our organization, with all this information, proposes an innovative solution called Integrated Supply Chain. This translates into a very significant percentage decrease in the acquisition costs of end customers, through an innovative use of digital ecosystems, and taking advantage of both globalization and our accumulated experience in marketing and manufacturing. This is very useful to provide an approach, a natural bridge, with maximum synergy with the market, between these international suppliers and local end customers.

That is why there is so much insistence that the solution requires innovation and the improvements are based on the new Integration Coefficient IC. Everything seems to indicate, and it is better not to tire of repeating it, that any end customer through their local distributor or installer of trust, which under this "simple" scheme, have full access to the best prices and the quality from well-known international factories; would be unable to reject an offer of solar On Grid package for their homes with savings of up to 60% compared to the current and cumbersome supply chain. And also, with highly reliable products at an international level and with a unified guarantee of the complete system.

Integrated Supply Chain for Solar On Grid business

Now, it was the turn of the factories. How to design an On Grid Solar solution that, until now, has been perceived as a simple commodity so that it could be successfully marketed in the Integrated Supply Chain that has been proposed? And again, the Coefficient of Integration IC was the answer:


  • A kit that is easy to buy and handle, affordable and with attractive packaging to capture the attention of the final consumer. Easily identifiable as a kit: everything the final consumer may need to save energy, in the same package.

New Solar retail marketing concept
Just buy the solar kits and leave
  • Simple end-user (Do It Yourself oriented) installation instructions through minimum component costs and installation with Mounting Racks available for S-Tiles, Shingles or metal roofs, as well as on concrete flat floors. Therefore flexible, scalable in power through simple procedures (Plug & Play), allowing customers to start saving energy with a minimum investment and then saving more in the near future, simply by adding more kits without complex installation procedures and within their own budget.

Easy solar kits installation instructions
All included Solar Kits packages
Factories Integration for a complete solution
  • And then the factories and us, together, establishing an innovative use of digital ecosystems based on a communications mix that promotes the achievement of these kits at manufacturing prices in Asia by the target segment closest to the consumer: local installers. All this through digital communication of a disruptive nature, with messages to create awareness towards sustainability, transmission of the concept of integration in the marketing channel, promotion of innovation, experiences, feelings and emotions associated with integrated innovative products, creation of the corporate image based on the objectives and strategies, transmission of offers, promotion of events and transmission of news as well as the exaltation of success stories by obtaining references and opinions, all of this showing the "happiness" of the users and thus be fed back, as emotional references of satisfaction, to the potential customer generation system. Below are samples of some messages on social networks that have been used in some markets as part of this communications mix.

Solar Energy is Free and Infinite post
Solar Panels costs decreasing
DIY On Grid Solar kits advantages
Builders becoming Solar Landlords

Through the explanation of this Kit, it can be observed that in all the solutions offered by our organization, where the key to success is based on the Integration Coefficient IC, four strategic directions are glimpsed:

Differentiation through corporate reputation that consists of using conceptual engineering to adapt products to the real needs of the market and turn them into a feeling of satisfaction, that is, selling emotions and experiences instead of physical products, which is an increasingly trend more rooted in modern marketing.

Customers buying feelings
Win-Win Synergy in the market

Better prices as a result of the integration between Asian Suppliers and the local market, as well as the innovation of the proposed solutions that allows transforming the current relationship between suppliers and customers, in a synergy with a win-win orientation, thus creating a more expeditious path towards environmental sustainability.

Focus on the market segments closest to the customer or end user that currently do not have enough power to access international providers.

Installers and end consumers closer to factories
VIP sustainability club

Make the constant search for environmental sustainability, financial and social benefits, based on the value offer of constant approach of the forces that make up the market, always in favor of the client, keep the interest groups in perennial harmony with the actions and purposes of the project that make this possible and thus make consumers feel like honorary members of the wonderful club of those who help the planet's sustainability.

  • Integration of several factories, highly recognized worldwide, working together for a complete solution with a Unified Guarantee.

And, finally, the technical characteristics of the kits obtained through our innovative value process based on the Integration Coefficient IC.


Solar Panels Tier 1 main brands


WIFI communication for solar kits
Hoymiles Microinverter for America solar kits


DEYE Microinverter for Europe solar kits


Vertical Rack Mounting for solar kits


Horizontal rackmounting for solar kits


On Grid 1kw solar kit package
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