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Updated: Jul 19, 2023


Maslow Hammer Bias

There is a common tendency to use familiar tools to solve new problems. Maslow gracefully defined this attitude (also known as the Einstellung (german word) or Law of the Instrument): "If the only tool we have is a hammer, it's tempting to see every problem as a nail." And he gave it its popular name: Maslow Hammer Bias or the Golden Hammer.

This bias makes us repeat the same way of solving problems, without letting us see that there may be other ways more appropriate to each new situation. This is called the shortcut trap.

The Golden Hammer is a cognitive bias that we must be aware of and, like all biases, it is always an unconscious shortcut to answering. We tend to solve a problem or situation with the tool that is most comfortable for us, the one that is familiar to us, the one that we master and in which we trust. But a hammer isn't the best tool when all you need are pliers. Our proven past experience is not always the most adequate to deal with new situations. Tied to the same tool or way of doing things, we cannot consider other options.

There are many examples and let's talk about some of them here:

a) Hybrid Solar kits Single and 3phase built with standard GEL or AGM battery banks, when LIFEPO4 batteries now provide 15 times longer useful life, are fully recyclable and take up much less space.

b) Power Quality Consultants still focusing on high-tech UPS solutions for short backup times, but not taking into account that they still use grid or diesel generators as main power for their loads, which leads to more CO2 emissions and, what is worse, still being subject to high and extreme variations in electricity costs from utilities. All this does not allow them to be aware that using Hybrid Solar kits Single and 3phase can offer the same level of energy protection, during the entire working time of the connected loads (not just minutes) and minimizing, at a high level, the use from the expensive energy grid and making the consumed $/W cost constant over time and even lower than the current one when you can also sell the solar energy produced to power companies via net-metering when it is not fully used by the connected load or when the batteries are now fully charged.

It's time to take advantage of our extensive solar and power quality expertise and also our innovative manufacturing and marketing method called Coefficient of Integration IC to help you get rid of this dangerous Hammer bias among others.

Please Contact Us and reap the benefits of knowing more about our solutions.

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