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Updated: Jul 14, 2023


The Fosbury Flop Jump

The Fosbury Flop jump is a back jump performed by doing so backwards over the bar rather than forwards. Before its introduction, the predominant technique was the belly roll, which consisted of jumping forward and stepping over the bar with your belly up. The Fosbury Flop revolutionized jumping in athletics, breaking the Olympic record in 1968 and, since then, establishing a new jumping technique that has been used by most athletes around the world.

In many ways, the introduction of the Fosbury Flop jump (name given to the hopping technique) resembles the introduction of the Integration Coefficient IC business model in the supply chain.

Like the Fosbury Flop jump, the Integration Coefficient IC business model has been slowly gaining industry acceptance. Now is every time less the cultural and communication barriers that were preventing to, both, companies and customers, from seeing the value in adopting this innovative approach. However, there are still many companies operating with the same outdated supply chain business model, so it is always difficult for them to change the way they think and work. Same as athletes that during long time were insisting in the older jump technique.

However, like the Fosbury Flop, once the Coefficient of Integration IC business model is understood and adopted, significant improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction are achieved. By cutting out the inefficiencies working directly with the best suppliers in each area, and taking into account the real needs of the customers, higher quality products and maximum client satisfaction are obtained as well as more competitive prices and faster delivery times. In addition, the Integration Coefficient IC business model helps overcome barriers in the supply chain that were previously difficult to manage. By working with different vendors in different areas, we, as integrator, provide a complete and customized solution for each client, addressing the different challenges that arise in different parts of the supply chain.

To made the Integration Coefficient IC business model were widely accepted, we set a plan that included educating customers on the benefits of adopting this approach and demonstrating how our business model helps companies improve efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction, and we have done that in a clear and concise way that resonates with each customer's needs.

In short, the Integration Coefficient IC business model is now a big revolution in supply chain, just as the Fosbury Flop was a revolution in athletics. While there are still barriers to adopting this approach, once it's understood, it leads to huge improvements in efficiency and in customer satisfaction.

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