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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

When you ask us what is the basis of our solution proposal or our value offer, we can answer without hesitation: The Integration Coefficient IC. This consists of a way of adding value, which has costs, but fortunately, these are totally transparent to the consumer, since it allows the creation of an Integrated Supply Chain that translates into a significant reduction in costs at the end consumer level.

In short, the process that has been designed to add value never concludes. It is an endless cycle.

The information obtained from the market generates the need for an innovative solution, as well as the determination of the best target segment in the supply chain. Then the factories all agree to integrate with each other, to generate solutions with all the necessary advantages, and us, as integration leaders, and using the communications mix, activate the supply chain for the prompt acquisition of said solutions.

In this way, the client ends up satisfied with the added value: highest savings, less loss of time and by obtaining a high and fast ROI. In parallel, the Mix, as the control center of the cycle, collects and promotes these feelings and emotions of a successful nature to generate more sales or commercial interactions in the supply chain, and also feeds back to itself through an exhaustive analysis of possible discrepancies or with the references and/or positive experiences obtained. With this, subsequent marketing actions and any other manufacturing details that may be necessary are adjusted. All this in order to increase the levels of consumer satisfaction.

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