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One of the biggest challenges that we have faced as energy consultants has been the fact of looking for a basic energy quality solution that could be accessible to the general public due to its low price, but that at the same time offered a high protection versus cost ratio and thus it can be attractive to be marketed by large retailers that focus directly on sales to final consumers by virtue of a very high sales volume potential, based on excellent and rapid inventory turnover.

Specifically talking about basic surge, voltage and backup protectors for appliances, our market is worldwide oriented making the consumers rest assured about the quality of these products as well of the great design. 


The key of our success has been our Integration Coefficient IC model applied to the design, manufacturing and marketing of these product lines. As we have mentioned before, Surge, Voltage and Backup protectors for appliances have been designed to offer basic power quality protection for home and commercial appliances and office equipment in order to be marketed in high volume around the world then fully oriented to big retail stores that are looking for high rotation products with great profit and big branding exposure. There are three main product lines as follow:

Then, in order to illustrate you about the potential market of our Surge, Voltage and Backup protection for appliances product lines nothing better that showing you the behavior of the worldwide appliances market.

Appliance market growth

Just to be in tune, a home appliance is an electric apparatus that assists in household functions such as cooking, washing and cleaning, among other homemaking tasks. The revenue generated in the household appliances market worldwide amounts to 64 cents trillions in 2023. It is projected to grow annually by 4.82% CAGR 2023 to 2028.

Proving quality of life of individuals worldwide, high consumer spending, including per capita income, and shifting consumer demands are some factors that propel the home appliance's market growth. An increase in the population's purchasing power in developed and developing countries fostered various lifestyle changes, driving the market. The demand for these appliances is higher in mature markets such as North America and Europe where the main appliances manufacturers brands and the biggest retailers have a strong presence. Also, the market is snowballing in Asia due to the increasing population and rising trend of urbanization. In Latin America and Caribbean islands the market is also growing but slowly because the low import incentives, high parity rates versus US dollars or euros and the lack of acquisitive power.


Based on type, the graphic shows that the market is segmented into major and small appliances. And based on those figures, they are very good news for the marketing of our Surge, Voltage and Backup appliances protectors devices.

The two main appliance market segments are the major appliances, the main market, which includes more expensive appliances that are replaced less frequently, such as refrigerators, window and split air conditioners, washing and dryer machines, stoves and ovens. Then, there is the small appliances segment which is the second in sales. They have a shorter lifespan and, typically, consumers are readily persuaded, or even eager, to upgrade to a newer model. Examples, TV, small ovens with electronic digital controls, microwaves, vacuum sealers, home studio, audio devices, and if extension is permitted, home computers, routers, modems, etc. 

Appliances sales per type 2021

However, a third market segment is now growing rapidly. This is the smart home appliances. Then, based on type, the market is now still more segmented into major, small, and smart home appliances. The figure above is showing that major appliances segment dominated the market in 2021.


The intelligent home appliances use advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Touchless Tech, and integrated smart home tech, that give users several benefits such as safety, security, and convenience for their homes. The high potential for growth in electronic appliances with innovative features due to the growing demand from high tech users worldwide is boosting the market growth of smart home appliances. Connected devices evolved into the market and most appliances are connected to the Internet to automate activities with less human intervention. The recent trend of smart homes, coupled with the increasing focus of major companies to develop and launch innovative and connected home appliances, is expected to fuel the market's growth.


But now the appliances with all those innovative improvements are becoming more susceptible to get damaged due to external electrical disturbances. And this is the second reason of our Surge, Voltage and Backup appliances protection product line solutions. Let's go deeper in this regard.

External causes of electric disturbances

Nature -related dangerous events as hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, storms, other events related to human life like electrician and construction crews working nearby and the high peak load changes in factories or industrial centers close to neighborhoods, are among the most common causes of external electric disturbances that may affect the operation and even produce serious and costly damages to your appliances and electronic home loads.


The electronic devices are very sensitive to disturbances and become less tolerant to power quality problems. Surges, Voltage dips and Blackouts are considered to be one of the most severe disturbances to the electronic equipment. The power disturbances occur on all electrical systems and the sensitivity of today's sophisticated electronic devices make them more susceptible to the quality of power supply. For some sensitive devices, a momentary disturbance can cause scrambled data, interrupted communications, a frozen mouse, system crashes and equipment failure etc. A power voltage spike can damage valuable components. Repetitive blackouts may cause costly damages to compressors in fridges and air conditioner equipment. Power quality problems encompass a wide range of disturbances such as voltage sags, swells, flickers, impulses, transients and interruptions.

Types and percentages of electric disturbances

According to a Research Gate study named “Modeling and Simulation of a Distribution Stacom (D-Stacom) for power quality problems, voltage sag and swell, based on sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM)” published in January 2012, 89% of Power Quality Problems are voltage fluctuations being sags the most common with 60% occurrence followed by swells with 29%. Then spikes with 8% but with higher damage impact and finally blackouts with 3%.

Based on the probability of ocurrence of external electric disturbances and their serious effects on the proper operation of home appliances we have designed our Surge, Voltage and Backup appliances protectors product lines based on the CBEMA Curve.

CBEMA curve for power quality

The CBEMA (Computer Business Equipment Manufacturers Association) curve was originally created in the 1970’s. It defines various regions based on input voltage where loads may encounter operational issues. The CBEMA curve sets various regions based on voltage deviations from norm (magnitude plus duration). The horizontal (x) axis represents the duration of an event and the vertical (y) axis indicates the percentage of nominal voltage being applied (In this example Vnominal=120VAC. The center of the graph in the area between the upper and lower lines is the so called acceptable or normal operation region. Voltage values above the envelope could cause damage to connected equipment while voltage values below the envelope are likely to cause equipment malfunctions or cause it to shut down completely. If the supply voltage stays within the acceptable region of the graph then the connected equipment should operate properly.

Our Surge, Voltage and Backup appliances protection devices are designed to supply the voltage to loads according to the acceptable or normal operation region. Let's describe now the main product lines solutions we have developed using our Integration Coefficient IC. 

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Specifically talking about Voltage Protectors for Appliances, our market is worldwide oriented. Please rest assured about the quality of our product as well of the great design. Our team has a lot of experience handling appliance protectors markets and designing products we high reliability, slim shapes, excellent materials, smooth and delicate finishing, broad temperature operation with high calibration stability, full microprocessor control, high manufacturing capability, retail blister or gift carton packages with English or Spanish (or both of them) in the instructions for end users.

Surge, Voltage appliances protectors models

Using our affordable relay based Voltage and Surge protector appliance devices, users can get a basic protection against most of the typical power disturbances keeping the voltage applied to loads into the normal operation area of the CBEMA curve and with a minimum investment within everyone's pocket.
All models protects the load in the following ways: Automatically disconnects the load in the event of dangerous extreme voltages according to the CBEMA curves. Reconnects the load automatically after a safety time interval when the voltage returns to normal for safe operation and acts as a transient suppressor in normal (Line-Neutral) and common (Line-Ground) mode according to ANSI/IEEE category B1.

Let’s describe now our typical models availability (other moulds are also available):

120Vac Refrigeration protector AP-F1

The first model is the AP-F1, NEMA 5-15R receptacle and NEMA 5-15P plug, 120 Vac-15 amps and with a reconnection delay time of 3 min. Perfect for fridges, refrigerators and small air conditioners due to repetitive blackouts occurrence will cause serious and costly damages to their compressors then becoming the most common failure today and, of course, the most vulnerable part. Now, when adding electronic controls, the voltage cut off for extreme voltages and the surge suppression features let to get full protection for modern smart appliances.

The next model is the AP-E1, NEMA 5-15R receptacle and NEMA 5-15P plug, 120 Vac-15 amps and with a reconnection delay time of 15 sec. To protect electronic loads as TV sets, audio equipment, home studio-theaters, microwaves, washers and home computer equipment.

120 Vac Electronics protector AP-E1
240 Vac-15 amps Refrigeration protector AP-A2

Now is the turn of the AP-A2, NEMA 6-15R receptacle, NEMA 6-15P plug, 220~240 Vac–15 amps and with a reconnection delay time of 3 min. To protect same type of refrigeration and air conditioner loads including splits but with more power and BTU.

Other model, the AP-A2N, NEMA 6-20R receptacle, NEMA 6-20P plug, 220~240 Vac–20 amps and with a reconnection delay time of  3 min. To protect same type of refrigeration and air conditioner loads but with even more power and BTU.

240 Vac-20 Amp Refrigeration protector AP-A2N
240 Vac-30 amps Universal wired protector AP-2W30

One special model is the wired one, AP-2W30, especially designed to protect Split type Air-Conditioners up to 36 kBTU, or any load in 220/230/240 Vac–30 amps and with a selectable reconnection delay time of 15, 30 secs or 3 min which make it universal for any kind of loads. There is also an option in 120 Vac-20 amps

Last but not least, there are also the AP-GM and AP-FR models, with German and French receptacles according to the country and both with standard Europe plug, 220/230/240 Vac, 10 or 15 amps according to requirement, selectable reconnection delay time of 15, 30 secs and 3 min, making then universal for any load application.

220-230 Vac-10 or 15 amp european protectors AP-GM and AP-FR

All former models are Plug'n Play, come with ANSI/IEEE C62.45 Cat B1, Normal and Common Modes Surge Suppression circuit with varistors, On-Off Master Switch, they are built with Fire retardant ABS Plastic Cabinet and provide an Easy to Read LED Indicators Panel.

The following video will resume all the information regarding our Surge, Voltage Appliances Protectors product line.  Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for more details.


Home Office affordable voltage regulators


89% of Power Quality Problems are voltage fluctuations and using our affordable relay based tap changer stabilizer technology users can get a basic protection for home appliances and computer loads against most of the typical power disturbances with a minimum investement within everyone's pocket.


  • Slim and Modern layout design to match Hi-Tech tendencies.

  • Compatible with most Office and Home loads.

  • Unique USB portss and Delay Reconnecting options.

  • Broad input voltage range and stable output.

  • Surge suppression circuit protection.

  • Affordable Prices to fullfill everyone's budget.


Other voltage regulators cabinet options

NEMA 120V-15A Appliance Protectors for Fridges & Electronic loads

Fixed position and timer

All in One Surge Suppressor + Load Disconnection + Delay Reconnecting. Micro-Controlled Automatic Operation. Plug'n Play. Fire Retardant ABS plastic cabinet. Blister package for retail. LED indicators


Line Interactive UPS for home computer loads

As today, where small businesses and working from home proliferate based on the extensive use of computer systems and faster network connection, home users need their investment in computer loads to be protected against unpredicatable electrical disturbances and blackouts. Nothing best to count on affordable high tech and very attractive design of Line Interactive UPS's models from 500VA to 3000VA power output with a minimun investment and the best warranty support.  

Different cabinets options

When power is lost, a line-interactive UPS keeps the inverter in line and redirects the battery DC current direction from charging to supplying current. 



  • High reliability.

  • High efficiency.

  • Reasonable voltage conditioning.

  • Lower component count.

  • Rugged and Slim design.

  • Lower operating temperature.

  • Lower electricity consumption.

  • Best benefit/cost ratio.

As energy and marketing consultants, we always recommend to our clients the promotion of this type of equipment oriented to a higher sales volume for electrical protection and thus maintain a positive cash flow that allows a greater investment capacity for projects that need more capital and support. of engineering and manufacturing.


Power Quality for appliances current inefficient supply chain

When we analyzed the current market supply chain for Surge, Voltage and Backup appliance protector devices, using our Integration Coefficient IC business model, we found that it turns out to be very complex, convoluted, with too many actors that provide little value and rather hinder the system by adding costs. The steps of the current supply chain are similar of the steps for other kind of power quality product with bigger costs and the reason for that is that most of the actors of the supply chain treat appliance protectors as a side line with almost null importance. This is why the prices at end consumer level are typically 6 to 10 times the CIF factory cost.

Proposed Integrated Supply Chain for Power Quality for appliances market

Our organization, with all this information, proposes an innovative solution called Integrated Supply Chain. This translates into a very significant percentage decrease in the acquisition costs of end customers, through an innovative use of digital ecosystems, and taking advantage of both, globalization and our accumulated experience in marketing and manufacturing.


This is very useful to provide an approach, a natural bridge, with maximum synergy with the market, between these international suppliers and local end customers. That is why there is so much insistence that the solution requires innovation and the improvements are based on our disruptive Integration Coefficient IC.


Everything seems to indicate, and it is better not to tire of repeating it, that any end customer through their local distributor or big retail store of trust, which under the "simple" scheme described above, has full access to the best prices and the quality from well-known international factories; would be unable to reject an offer with savings of up to 75% compared to the current and cumbersome supply chain, and also with highly reliable products at an international level, great profits for all actors of the supply chain, great sales volume with brand promotion and with a Unified Guarantee.


This is the value that our organization is adding to this kind of market. Thanks a lot for your kind attention.

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