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Updated: Mar 15

Leadership, Resilience, Focus, Learning

In the business world we all aspire to have a master plan that guides us to success. However, as famous boxer Mike Tyson said, "Everyone has a master plan until you get punched in the mouth." This iconic phrase invites us to reflect on the importance of adapting to the challenges and unexpected changes that arise on the road to business success. And this success is only related to concepts like Leadership, Resilience, Focus, Learning.

We learned that effective Leadership involves having vision and the ability to break new ground and find innovative solutions, and it made us capable of anticipating changes and challenges, and guiding our teams towards the achievement of clear objectives. The Integration Coefficient IC acts as a strategic guide that allows us to create a unified vision for the entire organization.

Resilience has made us able to bounce back quickly and learn from our failures and obstacles. Just like in boxing, every punch taken is an opportunity to learn and improve. Resilience allows us to adapt, adjust our strategies and move forward with determination.

Focus (Focusing on customer satisfaction) has been the key to our success. By clearly establishing this primary objective, we were able to design strategies that have generated positive experiences and customer loyalty. The IC allows us to integrate factories and achieve an integrated supply chain to offer complete solutions instead of simple products, ensuring that clients receive added value and the best quality care.

Constant Learning has been key to adapting to a very competitive business environment that is constantly evolving and changing. We have avoided basing our decisions solely on numbers and statistics, but rather on a holistic understanding of our business and its impact on customers. The IC helped us evaluate and correct our actions, using a digital ecosystem to gather accurate information and adjust our approach based on variables that could affect our business.

In short: in the business world, a “master plan” is not a foolproof formula. However, by embracing the pillars of leadership, resilience, focus and learning, along with the Integration Coefficient IC, we have been able to build strong and sustainable businesses. In addition, by integrating the concept of sustainability as our main objective in the short, medium and long term, we avoid short-term numerical goals and focus on generating a positive impact that makes the consumer our main spokesperson.

The focus on solutions rather than products, integrated supply chain and a unified guarantee have provided customers with a complete and satisfying experience, strengthening the relationship with them and fostering loyalty towards this new business trend, which in turn generates a beneficial synergy for all parties involved.

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