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Success Syndrome

When Ugur Sahin, founder of BioNTech, creators of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to prevent COVID-19, was asked why he decided to create a separate company instead of working directly for Pfizer, his answer was revealing: "They had tried, but after more than two years together, they had visualized how senior management chose to stop all their initiatives".

Research on the business success of internationally “iconic” companies has found that, perhaps too often, a period of success can erode innovation even in the most rational companies. Consequently, they prefer not to waste time and effort and it is also highlighted that the problem is aggravated in the case of disruptive innovations, since they completely change the way things are done and usually require a high involvement of all parties.

This comes in handy to address a crucial issue that has arisen about the doubts and excuses around the Integration Coefficient IC. We want to share the real essence of this innovative concept and how it is similar to the case of BioNTech.

The inefficiency of the current supply chain is an unmistakable sign of the syndrome of success that renewable energy companies suffer today by remaining tied to a business model that has led many companies to failure. The IC is based on a kind of collaborative economy that drives the joint growth of all those involved in the supply chain, making it efficient and creating value.

Our focus is on creating a global network of local agents who adopt our business model. In other words, how can you ask Airbnb for a list of satisfied customers if its success is based on the natural growth of this new form of economy?

Our strategic allies are installers, builders, designers, and other energy experts, who understand the importance of sustainability and want to provide innovative, personalized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Each solution is designed with the goal of delivering significant savings, premium quality, unified warranty and an unmatched customer experience. Our philosophy is to bring ecological solutions to every corner of the world. We want our impact to be global and our local agents to be ambassadors of sustainability. That is why we focus on the transformative power of the IC. We want our local agents to share that passion and commitment and together create a sustainable movement that drives positive change in the supply chain and in the world.

The Integration Coefficient IC is more than a simple solution, it is a change of mentality, a way of doing business in a responsible and sustainable way. A way to avoid the syndrome of success.

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