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Focus to avoid failures

As our Value Offer based on the Integration Coefficient IC explains, we are always delving into what is happening in world markets, to “adjust” our proposed solutions to the client’s needs. It is a very important step in our process of adding value. And this step, Focus to avoid failures is what really make a huge Differentiation against competition.

Usually, when making the conclusions of any Market Analysis using our innovative IC method that also integrates both, the international suppliers and the supply chain, we have found that the Return on Investment for consumers in any product or the combination of several of them to built a complete solution, becomes very long in time, destroying any concept of savings and making investments difficult to justify, and therefore, not attractive at all.

Also, when analyzing the supply chain, we usually find it out to be very complex, convoluted, with too many actors that provide little value and rather hinder the system by adding costs, and also disabling both, companies and consumers, to solve one of the most difficult obstacles that seems to have a common denominator in the minds of all the actors, this being the fact, quite paradigmatic, that “everyone agrees” in which the current options “are what they are” and “there is nothing to do”, thus building an endless cycle of setbacks towards a sustainable world.

Our organization, with all this information, proposes innovative solutions under what have named Integrated Supply Chain. This translates into a very significant percentage decrease in the acquisition costs of end customers, through an innovative use of digital ecosystems, and taking advantage of both globalization and our accumulated experience in marketing and manufacturing. This is very useful to provide an approach, a natural bridge, with maximum synergy with the market, between these international suppliers and local end customers.

And regarding the factories, they take the information from markets analysis and under our leadership, as factories integrator, we start with the “glamorous” process about how to design a full solution that, until now, has been perceived as a simple commodity, so that it could be successfully marketed in the Integrated Supply Chain that has been proposed.

And again, the Integration Coefficient IC is the answer.

And then, the factories and us, together, establish an innovative use of digital ecosystems based on a communications mix that promotes the achievement of these solutions at manufacturing prices in Asia by the target segment closest to the consumer: local installers, homebuilders, project companies, EPC, etc., and all solutions we are proposing have some common denominators:

- Kits or Full Solution package that is easy to buy and handle, affordable and with attractive packaging to capture the attention of the final consumer. Easily identifiable as a kit: everything the final consumer may need to solve their needs, in the same package.

- Simple end-user (even and sometimes Do It Yourself oriented) installation instructions through minimum component costs. Therefore flexible, easy to update through simple procedures (even and sometimes Plug & Play), and looking for solutions “Step by Step” type that allow customers to start installations with a minimum investment and then adding more steps in the near future, simply by adding more sets, kits or elements without complex installation procedures and within their own budget.

- Integration of several factories, highly recognized worldwide, working together for a complete solution with a Unified Guarantee, since the total solution is generally pre-assembled and fully tested from the factory integration unit in Asia, which works as a whole. Thus, the logistics processes turn out to be very simple when it comes to complying with the guarantees, both locally and internationally.

- All this through digital communication of a disruptive nature, with messages to create awareness towards sustainability, transmission of the concept of integration in the marketing channel, promotion of innovation, experiences, feelings and emotions associated with integrated innovative products, creation of the corporate image based on the objectives and strategies, transmission of offers, promotion of events and transmission of news as well as the exaltation of success stories by obtaining references and opinions, all of this showing the “happiness” of the users and thus be fed back, as emotional references of satisfaction, to the potential customer generation system.

Then, as Bruce Lee said, the man with a unique and proven kick will never be defeated.

Please let us join in this wonderful process and Contact Us for more information.

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