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Updated: Nov 20, 2023


Unified Guarantee

If you or your company want to avoid these problems:

- Lack of motivation on the part of the supplier. It means that the supplier does not quite believe in your business status or you as a customer with special needs.

- The supplier is not able or is reluctant or is like deaf about to make the product according to your quality standards and needs.

- Uncontrolled production costs and the supplier trying to raise prices all the time.

- Longer delivery times.

- The supplier does not solve the problems found in the quality inspection or any failure found during the use of the products or the solution.

- Your production is made by a company or by several companies you don’t know. This is very frequent when buying a solution that include several factories that are not integrated themselves.

A complete solution always entails the interconnection of different components made by different companies. Eventually any of these components may fail, and what is commonly done is to establish different warranty contracts with multiple and different suppliers, each of them with minimal legal protections for the customer.

In the event of a failure, manufacturers tend not to be responsible for it, claiming that it could have been caused by the connection of their equipment with other components over which they have no control. In addition, the client has to assume the cumbersome process of interacting with each of the providers of the components that make up their solution. This leads to his utter frustration.

Our organization is in control through our innovative Integration Coefficient IC manufacturing and marketing process. For this reason, we offer our Unified Guarantee where all the original suppliers, separately, provide guarantees handled by us and based on the total solution, avoiding the client from everything described above.

We'll continue to share insightful posts on the Integration Coefficient IC, how our solutions are driving the industry forward, and how we approach manufacturing challenges with innovative vision. You only need to subscribe to keep you posted.

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