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The power of the correct questions

An airport, faced with long wait times at baggage claim, invested in traditional solutions to speed up the carousels. They concluded that the costs were prohibitive versus the possibility that users actually felt an improvement as many claims persisted.

However, they found that slowing down passengers before reaching baggage claim provided a more cost-effective and successful solution. This brilliant idea improved the customer experience and generated more revenue by encouraging flow through shops, cafeterias and restaurants that greatly increased user satisfaction as well as the airport's profitability. This is the power of the correct questions.

In the business world, the art of asking the right questions can make the difference between success and stagnation. Two totally different real cases related to customer satisfaction, a common problem in an airport and market analysis in the solar industry, show us how powerful questions lead to brilliant and sustainable solutions.

In the solar market, the key question was: Why are homeowners still dealing with expensive self-consumption solar installations even though solar power is free? The traditional "commodity" approach to supply chain offered no clear competitive advantage. The innovative solution was to integrate international worldwide recognized suppliers into a single project that focused attention on the end customer and environmental sustainability.

The Integration Coefficient IC methodology made it possible to significantly reduce the acquisition costs of end customers through the use of digital ecosystems and collaboration between local installers (sharing economy), who accessed volume prices from international providers. In addition, the unified guarantee provided trust and closeness between suppliers and end customers, strengthening the win-win relationship.

The ability to ask powerful questions and embrace the Integration Coefficient IC as an innovative approach has led to brilliant and sustainable solutions in different sectors related to the solutions we promote. The key lesson is that customer satisfaction and achieving environmental sustainability should be central goals in business decision making.

By promoting personalized, efficient and eco-friendly solutions, we can transform challenges into opportunities and move towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Please join us in this worldwide initiative.

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