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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The delay of obvious ideas

We cannot speak of the modern toilet until 1597, the year in which John Harington, inventor of the toilet, wrote an article describing the operation of a valve water closet. With this new ingenuity of his invention, he wanted to present it to Queen Elizabeth I of England, who according to her biographers had a very delicate sense of smell.

But, it is not until 1857 when Joseph Gayetty invents the modern toilet paper. Initially it was marketed in a package format instead of a roll and it was usual that, to help some intestinal complications, said paper was impregnated with Aloe Vera. And it is in 1879 when the British businessman Walter Alcock (1871-1947), in London, introduced an important novelty: instead of selling toilet paper in individual sheets, he invented the roll of sheets to tear off, separating each portion by dots. perforated. That is, almost three centuries after the first modern toilet.

The example serves to ask us how the human brain is capable of understanding incredibly complex and intricate concepts but frequently (and perhaps too much), it is still incapable of recognizing the obvious, the simple. This is the main cause of The Delay of Obvious Ideas.

And when we talk about solar panels for domestic uses, silicon cells, similar to the current ones, were developed in 1954 at Bells Laboratories. However, it is not until 1970 that they begin to be used on roofs. The initial costs are unmentionable today (thousands or hundreds of dollars per watt), but solar technology has improved its efficiency ostensibly over time and its massification has allowed today's prices.

But why is it still so difficult to justify the investment? Our manufacturing and marketing model: Integration Coefficient IC, allowed, until almost the end of 2015 (60 years later), the commercialization of Do It Yourself oriented solar On Grid kits that can be purchased by homeowners with substantial savings compared to the current supply chain, with a unified guarantee, top-of-the-line international equipment and great satisfaction.

The concept, seen today, looks very simple and obvious but the resilience is still very strong in current market. Help us get over it.

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