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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

For extraordinary results we cannot be ordinary

For extraordinary results we cannot be ordinary. We have to do things that others are not doing. It is impossible to get the results we seek if we do exactly what everyone else is doing. When, with intention, you seek to be disruptive, you automatically step out of the ordinary and the chances of having extraordinary results are much higher.

As Michelangelo said about David's sculpture: "How can I make a sculpture? Simply removing from the block of marble everything that is not necessary"…. "I saw the David in the marble and carved it until I set it free"….. "Each block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it".

The supply chain has become a huge block of marble that "hides" what is really needed for the end user. The suppliers insist on "imposing" products instead of "proposing" solutions that generate happiness and therefore hardening the stone even more, making it very difficult to carve.

Both suppliers and the supply chain seem to be deaf to messages of customer dissatisfaction. Nothing as simple as doing an exhaustive analysis of the client's needs to set “David” free, only answering basic questions: What does the client think and feel? What does the customer see? What does the customer hear? What does the customer say and do? What is customer pain? What is the profit expected by the customer?

If you want to launch a change like the one proposed with our marketing and manufacturing method based on the Integration Coefficient IC, you shouldn't trust that everyone will like it. What's more, if it doesn't make certain groups uncomfortable, the idea may not be so attractive. In addition, freedom and innovation are achieved when the work is enjoyed and when it has a purpose; if you work only for recognition and egomania, you will never be able to be creative or authentic.

Therefore, to be the most competitive, what is needed is to try to be the best in generating decentralized solutions together with the empowerment of communities and in an overwhelming way, without a doubt. That is, business benefit combined with improvement of human well-being.

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