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Updated: Jul 31, 2023


Business Blindness

Do you know about the Piñata Effect?

One person is chosen to hit a piñata blindfolded. This symbolizes today's companies trying to find benefits in the market but without making any effort to try to get a clear knowledge of it: This is what we call "Business Blindness".

The typical and perhaps only strategy of common companies is to "try" different methods in the hope of finding the one that allows them to achieve their goals. The result? If, “hopefully”, you manage to “knock down the piñata”, what will happen is that the voracious competition will take advantage of the benefits of the “blindly found strategy” and your “blind” efforts will minimize or erase the expected benefits.

When ego, and not competition along with knowledge of customer and supply chain needs, drives what we do, we have blind spots. If we are able to know what we understand and also what we don't understand, we gain an extreme advantage over others. And then our solutions become emotions and feelings in the minds of the clients who obtain the benefits, and then we are also obtaining positive references from them making our own customers part of our promotion team.

Our organization bases the proposal of its solutions on the results obtained from the analysis of the client and the supply chain. And this is what we are differentially offering: An innovative marketing and manufacturing model called Integration Coefficient IC.

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