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Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Technology is changing the meaning about living off the grid

A lot of people is still afraid about the "consequences" of any decision about living Off the Grid.

Of course, living Off the Grid will make people to "think" different about the current kind of "irresponsible" way of using energy resources to have "comfort" and start getting it from the things that are really important.

Technology is changing the meaning about living Off the Grid, so, it does not mean that living Off the Grid is same as "Living without Money" as many people think. Current solar technology as hybrid solar kits single and 3phase offers many ways to keep a big grade of comfort without living like a caveman.

One of the beauties of renewable solar energy technology is that we can be closer to nature while still being connected to the rest of the world, and with technology that makes our lives better. One of the pleasures of living Off the Grid is the intimacy with the weather; if the sun is shining it is filling up the batteries, if the rain is pouring down it is filling up the water tank and watering the garden, if the wind is blowing it is turning the windmills many of us use to supplement their supply of electricity.

Living Off the Grid and maximizing your hybrid solar kits single and 3phase investment means that we are well acquainted with exactly how much power a light bulb or a computer uses; how much water we guzzle up on unnecessarily long showers during a dry summer; and how much effort it takes to warm a winter house with firewood, or grow food for a family. It is impossible to deny the size of our carbon footprint, and when the house abruptly plunges into blackness in the middle of a particularly gripping TV program, the batteries emptied, the value of consistently turning off all unnecessary lights (including all those little lights that glow continuously on appliances not turned off at the wall) is gently reinforced.

The benefit of a hybrid solar kits single and 3phase is that you will always have power in any situation. With a backup battery, the excess energy that your solar panels create (but your home does not use), will be stored in this battery. Then, when the sun is not shining, this battery will provide your power during the night, system blackouts, or inclement weather. And furthermore, with a hybrid solar kits single and 3phase system, if you were to use up all the power in your battery, you have the ability to draw power from the electrical grid.

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