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Microinverters vs string inverters

Information from internationally recognized sources and honesty are the best weapons to get trust from customers.

While standard household solar inverters, known as string inverters, connect with multiple solar modules, the benefit of a microinverter is that each panel becomes electrically isolated from every other panel. This means that any faults, reduced power output as a result of shadows, dust, bird droppings or damage that may impact an individual panel, do not impact on the power output of its neighboring panels.

Basically, a solar array using conventional inverters behave more like society at large, moving as fast as the slowest panel. But microinverters celebrate individualism, and in the case of a solar array this means each panel is operating at the optimum, unhindered by its fellows.

According to the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) and their publication in September 2021 (posted by the prestigious Research Gate website): “Performance Comparison of 3kW Residential Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System between Microinverter and String Inverter Topology using System Advisor Model”, they concluded that the simulation results supported the fact that micro inverters outperform the traditional string inverters in both shaded and non-shaded conditions.

During their lab tests, the Micro Inverter system produced an annual energy of 4916 kWh in the first year with no shading and 4332 kWh in the first year with shading losses. On the other side, the String Inverter system produced an annual energy of 4763 kWh in the first year with no shading and 4286 kWh in the first year with shading losses.

It does mean than string inverter suppliers see the glass “Half Fool” (please let us use the term like a “joke” instead of “Full”) to give customers an optimistic information, when in reality the glass is “Half Empty” compared with the results using microinverters.

This is one of our solutions to help customers decide about Microinverters vs String Inverters: ON GRID 1KW SOLAR KIT PACKAGED FOR RETAIL, INSTALLERS AND BUILDERS duly designed and manufactured under our Integration Coefficient IC model and that is a perfect example of the way in which our professional value offer is capable of generating innovative solutions.

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