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Love and the Decapitation of the Solar market

In the background of the story of Valentine's Day is an act of bravery and love, but also a fight against the blindness of power. In the days of the Roman Empire, Emperor Claudius II prohibited marriage between soldiers, believing that being single would increase his bravery. This policy, although “well-intentioned”, ultimately undermined the cohesion and morale of the army.

Valentine defied Claudius II's ban, ignoring the rules and uniting couples in marriage under the blessing of the church. His passion for love and commitment led him to pay the final price, being stoned and beheaded on February 14, 270 AD. His legacy, however, continues on Valentine's Day, a reminder of the power of love over adversity.

Similarly, today, the solar industry faces challenges derived from decisions blinded by the perspective of immediate profit: the decapitation of the solar market. Investing in more efficient solar panel technologies, without considering that secondary costs such as supply chain inefficiencies, installation expenses, administration and other factors overshadow any improvement in panel efficiency against any attempt to the achievement of an efficient market.

This is where the Integration Coefficient IC comes into play. Just as Valentine united couples in marriage, the IC seeks to unite all elements of the solar supply chain in an integrated and efficient approach.

In today's business world, the Integration Coefficient IC is our tool to challenge blind business practices and unify the solar supply chain. We promote intelligent designs of solar systems (kits) and distribution models that maximize supply chain efficiency, reducing secondary costs and bringing consumers closer to factories.

Love’s Day or "Valentine's Day" is one of the most promoted celebrations after Christmas. On February 14th, couples around the world pamper each other with gifts, words of appreciation and romantic plans that nourish the relationship. And our organization, on this important Day wants to honor the legacy of Saint Valentine and reminds you that love and the courage to be disruptive can change the world, even in the business field.

Join us by subscribing to our website in our commitment to a brighter and more sustainable future, where energy efficiency and care for the environment are our guiding principles.

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