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Updated: Jul 19, 2023


Happy Valentine day

Celebrating a Happy Valentine Day talking about the Caledonia's heart-shaped solar farm by Conergy that can supply enough power to 750 homes, with 2MW power.

Furthermore, the design was inspired by the wild mangrove vegetation nearby the locality, known as “Heart of Voh”. The farm has 7,888 solar panels.

Besides becoming a landmark locally, the heart shape also has worldwide recognition. The "Coeur de Voh" is an important landmark for the people of New Caledonia, and shows just how extraordinary nature can be, “The ‘Heart of New Caledonia’ solar plant is now its man-made double, a landmark for clean power generation.

There’s always been some friction between tech-heads and hardcore environmentalists. But technology is too pervasive for even the most radical environmentalist to deny, and climate change is too important for technologists to ignore. Fortunately, reconciliation may be on the horizon. So, whether or not we’re heading into the next industrial “revolution”, what we really need is an industrial “evolution” which means a new and better way to develop emerging technologies so that we’re better adapted for life on this planet. And we need a new breed of conscientious technologists and businesses to lead the way. Also our Integration Coefficient IC manufacturing and marketing model is breaking barriers to promote examples that dignify this tendency.

In short: The line between biology and technology is beginning to blur, and it could mean the beginning of a new industrial "re-evolution".

Everyone has the right to a sustainable future. In recent decades, human development has advanced at the expense of the planet. Substantial changes are needed if prosperity is to be achieved for all within the limits of this planet. Therefore, to be the most competitive, what it would really take is to try to be the best in being able to generate decentralized solutions together with the empowerment of communities and all this in an overwhelming way. That is, business benefit combined with improvement of human well-being. That is why it is necessary to replace the expression "being more competitive" with words and actions that constitute better survival and profitability strategies, for example, Cooperation, which consists of being able to coexist with other companies in competition scenarios together with efforts of loyalty and collaboration that enhance, rather than diminish, industry value and that maximize customer satisfaction.

To know more about how to join us in this crusade, please subscribe to our website.

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