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Updated: Feb 29

I Cannot Get No Satisfaction: This song by the Rolling Stones is perfect to describe the feelings of dissatisfaction of on-grid solar systems users today as well as confusion, doubts, low return on investment, guarantees that are difficult to apply or claim, among others.

Why is it that with solar energy being completely free, homeowners continue to deal with costly on-grid solar installations?

It was concluded that selling solar products as "commodities" would not get us anywhere since there would not be a clear differentiation with competitive advantages.

We also concluded that it was necessary to get the channels to direct their efforts toward offering solar solutions that could grow the prestige of their businesses; that could add something unique to the current solutions that they are offering now; that could reach a significant number of homes in each region to turn them into anti-pollution centers helping SUSTAINABILITY and also adding the possibility of interacting with one another in mutual satisfaction.

Volume-oriented business with INNOVATION AND INTELLIGENCE applying the accumulated experience of our organization together with that of the international suppliers that we have cultivated for over 30 years, integrating several of them into a single project without neglecting the main actor: The End Client.

This approach could "recover" its power in the market against other forces with a win-win relationship and synergy which turns the product “On grid 1kW Solar kit” into an innovative “Integrated Supply Chain solution” that translates into a significant percentage reduction in acquisition costs of end customers, with a UNIFIED GUARANTEE since the solution is generally pre-assembled and pre-tested from the factory integration unit.

With our approach, SATISFACTION is guaranteed. Please Contact Us to start belonging to our list of satisfied customers and/or installers.

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