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Updated: Jul 16, 2023


The Trolley Dilemma

The Trolley Dilemma, a famous ethical problem, raises fundamental questions about decision making that also apply in the context of marketing.

This dilemma is a hypothetical scenario in which a train is heading towards five people in danger, but you have the option of changing the track and diverting the train to another one where there is only one person but who is also in danger. The ethical conflict lies in deciding whether it is justifiable to sacrifice one life to save five.

In the context of marketing, this dilemma relates to making business decisions that seek to benefit the company but do not always promote customer’s satisfaction neither sustainability.

The Integration Coefficient IC offers an innovative perspective in resolving this dilemma. By adopting this approach, companies seek to satisfy the needs and desires of the consumer effectively, going beyond the traditional vision focused solely on the interests of the company. The philosophical aspect is intertwined with the importance of consumer satisfaction and sustainability, both as ethical objectives.

By embracing the Integration Coefficient IC, companies recognize that consumer satisfaction is not only a business objective, but also a moral imperative. This approach involves providing personalized solutions that create a positive consumer experience, thus fostering loyalty and word of mouth.

Although the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may raise concerns about the loss of jobs, which bring again the same dilemma, its responsible use can also contribute to overcome it, even generating more jobs than those that could be lost. By leveraging AI to collect and analyze consumer preference data, companies can deliver personalized offers and improve the customer experience, thereby strengthening customer satisfaction and the relationship with the company.

Consumer satisfaction becomes a catalyst for long-term business success. When consumers feel valued and satisfied, they not only buy again, but also become spokespersons for the company, sharing their positive experience with others. This creates a virtuous endless circle that drives company growth and reputation.

As a conclusion, this approach seeks consumer satisfaction and sustainability as fundamental priorities, balancing the interests of companies and consumers and then avoiding the dilemma. And by embracing AI responsibly, we empower the ability to personalize and enhance the customer experience, creating a positive business and ethical impact.

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