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Sustainability and Power Quality Summit

On the night of August 31, 2023, two leaders of their respective industries met again after a decade without seeing each other. Its history dates back to the days when the International Energy Association (IPA) was born in San Diego, California, more than 30 years ago.

Miguel Aldrete, at that time assistant engineer to the founder of the Association, and Jaime Ventura, owner of a company that worked on electrical quality projects in South America, forged a friendship and a professional connection that would mark their lives. Now, the two met for a casual dinner that turned into an unexpectedly productive Sustainability and Power Quality Summit with technological and marketing orientation.

Miguel, who today leads the International Energy Association as its president and new owner, has risen with great success in the world of power quality and reliability. He represents prestigious international power quality brands and is the author of "The 3 C's", a book to solve electrical and power quality problems, especially in Latin America, with a focus on the Mexican market.

On the other hand, Jaime, who also has gained international recognition as an expert in Power Quality, has turned his career towards energy saving solutions with solar and LED lighting. This has been achieved through an innovative system, created by him, called Integration Coefficient IC. His focus is not just on solving electrical problems, but he also embraces the cause of environmental sustainability, combating CO2 emissions that threaten our planet.

What started as a friendly dinner turned into a brainstorming session. The conversation expanded further, envisioning the incorporation of pre-defined solutions, taking advantage of the IC. This versatile approach could make it possible to include both Asian and American products, diversifying the offer and ensuring more sustainable projects with a higher benefit-cost ratio.

A dinner that started as a chance meeting turned into a 3 hour summit. Friendship, experience and a passion for lasting projects took over the evening. When the restaurant finally closed, they both pledged to join efforts to start possible evaluations of some products, such as power conditioners and batteries from Asia, as a first step, since, as stated by Miguel, in the current annual plans of the IPA, solar and energy efficiency are still under review while focusing in their main niche power quality market.

The photo that captures that summit shows two men in their maturity, but with the excitement and joy of young adventurers. His story reminds us that friendship, experience, and collaboration can weave a web that goes beyond business success, a web that stretches toward a brighter, more sustainable world for all.

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