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Updated: Nov 20, 2023


The Midas Touch and solar business

In an ancient Greek myth, King Midas was granted the power to turn everything he touched into gold. Initially, The Midas Touch was seen as a gift, but it quickly became a curse as he couldn't even eat or drink without turning everything to gold.

Similarly, the solar energy market was once seen as a gold rush for companies focused on short-term profits, but has now become a curse for those who only focus on profits and neglect the customer satisfaction and needs. Many companies entered the solar energy business looking for a quick and easy way to make money (The Midas Touch), disregarding the satisfaction of their clients and only rushing to take advantage of the growing demand for renewable energy sources while their products, and on a larger scale, services related to these, often did not meet customer expectations.

This approach has only led to the dissatisfaction of many consumers causing a consequent loss of trust and loyalty and has helped critics of climate change, such as some oil and electricity companies, to gain social notoriety and influence. They have used misinformation to make climate change targets harder to achieve, and this has only made it harder for the renewable energy market to succeed.

To combat this, we must understand that the true gift of the Midas Touch of the king is not the ability to turn everything to gold, but rather the pursuit of sustainability throughout the world. The Integration Coefficient IC can help solve this dilemma through the integration strategies of highly regarded factories to offer solutions instead of products using the part of the supply chain closest to the end user, with unified guarantee, with savings very significant up to 60%, and with a disruptive management of communication channels. This consolidates the search for satisfaction and automatically promotes through it the natural increase in sales with a win-win synergy.

By providing solar kit solutions, we ensure that our customers' needs are met in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. Our solutions provide a unique combination of quality, reliability and sustainability, while using the latest solar technology and following green practices. This approach not only helps us meet the needs of our customers, but also helps us combat misinformation spread by critics of climate change.

With a strong focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction, we can turn back the Midas curse into a gold gift that benefits everyone.

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