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Rectifiers and Converters Projects

Having a reliable DC power supply implemented by highly efficient rectifiers and converters with battery banks, minimizes operational costs. With us, you get the best team and equipment you can absolutely trust for big projects with high reliability. Our success derives from the ability to develop highly customized integrated solutions thru our marketing and manufacturing model based in the Integration Coefficient IC that can match our customers’ most demanding specifications. We are able to help to design and build rectifiers and converters projects and solutions with the highest quality standards.

Our extensive industry experience already fully explained thru OUR VALUE OFFER in other posts, enables us to understand your specific requirements. We provide a DC power supply that keeps your DC critical loads running smoothly and enhancing productivity.

State-of-the-art technologies like well-proven SCR (thyristor) and High Frequency Rectifiers and Converters with different AC-DC voltage-current combinations, with robust and reliable design, demonstrate our market-leading position as supplier for special projects and our thorough understanding as consultants of this DC power-backup market segment.

The key factors we found to adapt ourselves to any inquiry were simply:

  • Using both technologies (SCR and HF) without diminishing one from the other.

  • Setting up the “modularity” concept where solutions are developed by connecting pre-designed and pre-assembled unit sections to get the whole equipment-solution.

  • And looking for agreements with the factories that are leading OEM-ODM manufacturing processes with the most recognized brand-names in worldwide rectifier and converter industry that got a big interest in our project after checking for our innovative and unique marketing concept.

​The focus of our expertise and experience is on helping you about designing complete rectifier systems. We take care of all aspects of planning, manufacturing integration, logistic shipments, installation and end users manuals as well as the unified guarantee of the whole system based on the knowledge acquired by executing many similar projects in several countries.

Although the cost of the DC Power Supply is minor compared to the total DC equipment investment, a loss of power can result in a tremendous production chaos. Our solutions offer you updated technology that minimizes risks, provides total system integration and ensures a high return on investment. Also, the safety of personnel (approvals) is a high priority for all our systems. ​With our rectifiers and converters proposals you achieve the lowest total cost making the supply chain more efficient of ownership and boost your production through maximized availability, minimized losses and maintenance, highest personnel safety, longest lifetime and global presence for service.

For more information, please Contact Us.

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