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In the corridors of government diplomacy, tension was woven with coded words and meticulous documents. Winston Lord, assistant secretary of state, was immersed in writing a report for his superior, the famous Henry Kissinger. An arduous task, but Lord sought perfection.

Every attempt to impress his boss was followed by a simple question: "Is this the best you can do?" Kissinger always asked. Frustration grew in Lord, and on the third try, the explosion was imminent. "Yes, damn it, this is the best I can offer!" Lord exclaimed. Kissinger, unfazed, responded: "Well, then this time I will read it." The lesson stood out: In the maelstrom of excellence, only the extraordinary deserves attention. Kissinger was always looking for a direct path from challenged reports to brilliant solutions.

Just as Lord and Kissinger sought perfection, each in their own way, we are faced with the constant challenge of improving ourselves. As artisans of the Integration Coefficient IC, we do not settle for mediocrity. Like Lord and Kissinger, we seek exceptional results.

In the world of solar, LED, power quality and electrical backup, we face our own questions. Are our solutions the best we can offer? Are we achieving perfection in factory-to-market integration, unified warranty, supporting digital ecosystems, high ROI, attractive pricing, and customer satisfaction? Are our market analysis deep enough to help factories and customers design the best solutions? Are our proposals in line with the macro objective of sustainability?

Kissinger's anecdote guides us. We are not happy with being “cooks” of known recipes. We seek the mastery of a chef, exploring, innovating and leading with the IC as the baton. We immerse ourselves in an endless cycle of continuous improvement, challenging complacency. And of course to the competition.

In a world where sustainability is vital, the Integration Coefficient IC is not just a tool, it is our philosophy. Like Lord and Kissinger, we strive to present the exceptional, not the ordinary. The story of two men in the corridors of power is ours, but we wrote a script where sustainability and innovation are the stars.

Let this nice anecdote from Kissinger be an inspiration: in a sea of mundane reports typical of the competition, let us stand out as a report that will be read, as a long-term commitment that does not go unnoticed, like a well-conducted melody by the IC that resonates in the constant search for the exceptional.

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