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Updated: Aug 24, 2023


Let us describe our transition from Personal Services to Corporate Innovative Solutions. Or saying in another way, a transition from Commodities to Integrated Supply Chains and Solutions. Even better, a transition to innovation.

Now the best terms to describe our business services are: Integration Coefficient IC Experts; Solar and Led Energy Saving; Power Quality and Electrical Backup Solutions providers; Sustainability Promoters; Power Quality Consultants; Telecom Power Consultants; Energy Advisors; Commercial, Marketing, Industry, Technology and Strategies Consultants.

At the beginning, as an Independent and Personal Energy Consultant, it was possible to observe that global trends and competitiveness in many industries and regions required, for years, to have the digital transformation of companies as a priority. Despite the high investments made at the manufacturing level in Asia, factories began to recognize that this transformation should be continued and accelerated, and then, they started considering aspects that would become vital for their own growth. And the main area that emerged as a priority for digital transformation was everything related to the ecosystems that cover the supply chain.

Taking into account that people are combined with technology, the factories began to work very hard in digital updating and in the mentoring of their work teams, integrating them into the process, so that with their fundamental knowledge in the aspect of marketing and analysis of the real needs of clients at an international level, mentors could grow from offering personal consulting services to now offering innovative solutions. And, this being much better, when this integration was based on the creation of our new marketing and manufacturing model called Integration Coefficient IC. This movement contributed to generating a new need for credibility and confidence, which is actually identified by the business community as one of the most important skills for companies to compete, innovate and grow.

The current condition of hyper-connectivity in society has created a complex moment for companies, making imperative combining manufacturing processes oriented to the real needs of the client, Then, to maintain credibility and trust as leaders, the transition was necessary to set strategic associations with highly reputable personnel at an international level, since the risk to lose those quickly was becoming very high. The public and consumers are now demanding high and strict ethical standards for all types of organizations. And Jaime Ventura Energy Consultant, now as a corporate group, is a clear example of this transformation.

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